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Mike Lynch

Gee whiz. Thanks for the linky, Mark.

-- Mike & "Roo," the funk cat


What do you mean this isn't you Mark? It looks just like you and Belle! haha I'm just kidding. I miss you and Rhode Island very much. I've been catching up on the collection of Spot the Frog and I think my favorite one is when Karl pops the dime under the sofa for Spot to pay his rent! Hope you're enjoying the rest of the summer :)

mark heath

Hi Meaghan, it's great to hear from you. (Meaghan is a musician who plays the flute with all the vigor of a pole vaulter making her leap. It's powerful and jaw-dropping, especially when she does it in your livingroom.)

The only difference between the pen drawing of Mike Lynch and the real Mark Heath is that Mike has more hair on his head, and probably more manners -- I doubt he'd force a visitor to endure several hours of melancholy contemplation on how it feels to be 45.

And I'm pretty sure that his socks match.

Remember, Rhode Island is only a short twelve hour bus ride away. Mary and I look forward to your next concert.

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