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I'm sorry to hear that you lost your Sunday slot in KC. Unfortunately, when it comes to cost-cutting it seems that all too many editors look first to the comics page. I hope you pick up three papers to replace the one you're losing.


Burns my ass. What other industry says OK I'll make the product worse, and then expects more people to read it? The newspaper industry is run by philistines and cowards. PJD

mark heath

It's a gray day when my wallet and ego shrink a bit with a lost client, but it's always a matter of luck when a strip finds its way into a paper. If the strip stumbles in the opposite direction, that's luck of another sort. Since I can't control either, I focus on the one thing I can control, and that's the pen in my hand. Unless I'm drinking full-bore coffee. Then I jitter like a dime on a loud speaker. Which is why I only drink coffee with a homeopathic measure of caffeine. Not that anyone asked.

I mention the occasional lost client to remind readers that nothing about a comics section is set in stone -- newsprint and ink have a lot more give and take -- and a letter to the editor might inspire Spot's eventual return.

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