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Spot, from a reader's prospective, seems to be doing very well! In fact, he seems to be rising above the rules! Not many are allowed to be featured in respectable newspapers garbed only in their underwear!

I think that there is some sort of fate in this world. Any itch that refuses to go away is worth a scratch or two just to see what happens. I had been toying with moving to Japan since mid-college, but I never really took it too seriously. Honestly, I didn't even have a good reason for my interest! It was just an unexplainable interest. So I took a 3 week exchange class to test my interest and found Japan a nice place. But it was just too far away for me to believe I would ever actually move there. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about it. One day, things just kind of fell into place (lack of a respectable job helped) and now I am here with a career, a fiance, and a life plan!

That Spot itch seems to have been quite worth the scratching! Perhaps it was meant to be!


That's exactly it. Moving to Japan, changing careers, spending years on a book, climbing a mountain...things that matter most to those who do them.

George Mallory said he climbed Mount Everest because it was there.

I think he climbed Everest because HE was there.


It's so GOOD to feel passionate about what you do.

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